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Those involved in this project include:





Line Pedersen

Corporate Relations Officer  Sports Development Private Sector Fundraising Unit Division of External Relations

(Based in Chicago) 

1 312 618 7189




Alexis Lyras

University of Louisville, USA. (Expertise: sport for peace and development.)


Anders Hasselgard

Norwegian School of Sports Science, Norway. (Expertise: sport, culture, and development cooperation.)


Andrew Kreutzer

Ohio University, USA. (Expertise: sport for development, sports administration.)


Ashleigh Huffman

University of Tennessee -Knoxville, USA. (Expertise: sport for peace, women in sports, sports and refugees.)


Dean Ravizza

Salisbury University, USA. (Expertise: sport for development and peace, psycho-social aspects of sport.)


Eli Wolff

Brown University, USA. (Expertise: sport in society.)


Gerard Akindes

Ohio University, USA. (Expertise: African studies, international development, sports administration.)


Jay Mafukidze

University of Trinidad and Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago. (Expertise: sport for development.)


Judy Fox

University of Denver, USA. (Expertise: International Disaster Psychology.)


Keith Lyons

University of Canberra, Australia. (Expertise: play, teaching physical education, coaching sport, sustainable communities, social media.)


Marion Keim Lees

University of Western Cape, South Africa. (Expertise: sport for development, social transformation and peace.)


Mark Ayogi

University of Denver, USA. (Expertise: sport and performance psychology.)


Michael Groll

Sporthochschule Koeln, Germany. ( Sport development and leisure.)


Sarah Hillyer

University of Tennessee -Knoxville, USA. (Expertise: sport for peace, women in sports, sports and refugees.) 



This is a link to a Google Maps visualisation of the Project network (updated by Amber December 2010).





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